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Emmerdale icons [19 Mar 2016|06:48pm]


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EastEnders Icons [19 Mar 2016|04:10pm]


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Doctor Who and UK Soaps fan fic [25 Dec 2010|11:38am]

action, adventure, romance, xxx rated scenes, crossovers, Gallifrey, Adam Rickett, Never Back Down Characters, soap characters, etc!
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[30 Aug 2010|04:30pm]

[13] Harry Potter
[33] Dawson's Creek
[20] Doctor Who
[43] Home and Away

[01] Wallpapers (Home and Away)

Total: 109


More H E R E at my journal summer_kisses89
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[09 Jul 2010|05:01pm]

I wrote off to a lot of celebrities and tv shows and such to get items for a fundraiser for an amateur dramatics group fundraiser in September, and, Corrie fans, I would deeply appreciate your assistance!

The producers of the TV soap opera Coronation Street, donated this top worn by the character Diedre Barlow to our  fundraiser. It came  this morning with a letter and certificate of authenticity. They said they would also pop in a photo of her in the costume, but forgot as there wasnt one in the envelope.

A quick google hunt hasnt revealed anything, and as someone who doesnt watch soaps, I am slight hamstrung. Do any of you who like Corrie, know of a pic of her in that top, that I can print off to go with the auction stuff?  I would be soooo grateful.
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Community Pimp [17 Jun 2010|07:00pm]

[ mood | thirsty ]

Please feel free to delete this is it isn't allowed.

I'm pimping my new community Details behind the cut in case of spoilers XDCollapse )

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[23 Feb 2010|09:34pm]

Minispam (15 pictures) of the behind the scenes episode w/ commentary
Over at my journal here
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[13 Feb 2010|09:03pm]

A lot of Neighbours animations.


You can find more here
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A Tribute to Belle & Aden: Summer Bay's Greatest Couple [31 Oct 2009|09:45pm]

SPOILER ALERT!! : To anyone outside the UK and Australia who hasn't seen the lastest Home & Away episodes. This covers the entire Belle/Aden realtionship so if you don't know what happens only continue at your own risk! ;)

[47] Home and Away (Belle & Aden)
[03] User Info Banners
[02] Wallpapers



More H E R E at my journal summer_kisses89
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[18 May 2009|05:52pm]

I have some neighbours animations from the current UK credits over at my journal.


more here
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[14 Feb 2009|08:54pm]

[28] Harry Potter
[34] Home and Away
[22] The O.C
[19] The Notebook

[03] Wallpapers (Home and Away)

Total: 103


More H E R E at my journal summer_kisses89
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Home & Away [11 Feb 2009|01:35am]

I've just posted a picspam full of spoilers here over at my Journal.

It's full of Jack, Tony and Martha Holden especially in relation to recent events.
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Request [07 Feb 2009|02:29pm]

I am looking for a few icons of Stephen Beard (Archie in Hollyoaks).

Sorry if this isnt allowed.

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UK Soap characters appear in fic [30 Sep 2008|01:36pm]
Many UK and Australian soap characters appear in chapter 91 of this XXX fic

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Calling all Hollyoaks fanfic readers and writers!!! [23 Jun 2008|05:05pm]

 So, just how many of us here like reading and/or writing our own fanfics for our fave chester soap? 

If you're one of those people, and you're up for a challenge, I've created a new forum for Hollyoaks fanfic challenges. The actual rules of the forum and what it is will be explained for you over there, but if you enjoy challanges, it's worth checking out. 

The first challenge will only be put forward when we reach our first 10 members. So please give it a go :D

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LJ Header, LJ Friends Only, and Icons... [09 Jun 2008|11:11am]

[ mood | sleepy ]

[02] Hannah & Josh
-----(Emma Rigby & Sonny Flood)
[14] Hannah & Rhys
-----(Emma Rigby & Andrew Moss)
[01] Rhys & Josh
-----(Andrew Moss & Sonny Flood)
[07] Rhys (Andrew Moss)
[02] McFly (Danny Jones)
[05] Eyes and Mouth
[03] Michigan Sunsets

LJ Headers...
[01] Hannah and Rhys (Emma Rigby & Andrew Moss)

LJ Friends Only...
[01] Rhys (Andrew Moss)


The Rest are Here...

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icons [05 Jun 2008|02:08pm]

a few i made today out of boredom,
please credit if you take them :) 

teaser: PhotobucketPhotobucket
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[27 Dec 2007|08:48pm]


Hey everyone!

Just wanted to blatantly trawl for punters for a new website ;) 

TellyVision - http://z15.invisionfree.com/TellyVision - it's literally just been created, nice, shiny ... and totally empty. Its for UK soaps, drama, US dramas and anything else telly related. I'm hoping for fun, intelligent posters who won't be put off by the forum's fledgling status. It's gonna be tough building it up from scratch, but in the hopefully not too distant future, I'll be looking for moderators and in return both mods and members will be able to take advantage of free graphics to use on other websites or as, lj icons, wallpapers or whatever they want. 

Please, spread the word. Hope to hear from you soon and hope you all had a very Merry Christmas ... :D Torrie

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hollyoaks website need help [22 Sep 2007|07:08pm]
im planning on making a hollyoaks fansite,it will be full of HQ stuff,as i have the agencies for that.i do however need some help,and maybe a couple of cowebs? i will need general help,and also things like news,spoilers... i do definately need a screen capper for episodes,and i need a graphic maker..i suck at that.

please,if your interested,email me at ccarquette@aol.com

please dont contact me on here,i probably wont read it.

i want to get the site up a.s.a.p  
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Guy Burnet sites [16 Jun 2007|08:30pm]


New sites for Guy Burnet (Hollyoaks) at http://guyburnet.moonfruit.com and http://community.livejournal.com/guyburnet/

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